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Hot Legs!!

By Angie Ohman · April 3, 2013

Hey Dolls!

I'm reposting my "Hot Legs" post as a refresher course - because legs are still the new cleavage :-) XOXO - Angie

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Hello lovelies!!

Spring is here, and whether you’re ready or not it’s time to show off those LEGS! Super short minis and short shorts are back in a BIG way - making legs the new cleavage!  So, it’s time to sexify your legs for Spring -Here’s how! 

1. Fake it ‘Till you Make It:

Ok, so Spring snuck up on us again and after being in hiding all Winter, perhaps our pasty white legs aren’t quite ready to come out of hibernation. Luckily, with tons of great self-tanning products on the market, we can fake that end-of-summer glow now and put our best legs forward!

A couple of my faves!:

Victoria's Secret Flawless Airbrush Instant Body Spray - $12

Victoria's Secret Flawless Airbrush Instant Body Spray ($12) for an easy tan in a INSTANT! Also available in lotion form!

Neutrogena Micro Mist Airbrush Tan - ($8.99)

*Tanning beauty tip: Exfoliate first!  Remember before applying self-tanner you need to exfoliate! Any scrub from your local drug store will do. Just grab something with medium to large size crystals and scrub down while in the shower just before applying your self-tanner!


2.   Work It Out!: Not only is it time to swap out our jeans to more leg-bearing pieces, but it’s also about time to pull out to  swim suits –EEK!! So, there’s no better time to start getting back in shape than now!! I’ll soon be putting out my annual “Get Ready for Bikini Series” where we’ll get the whole body ready, but for now, let’s focus on those legs!

Be sure to spend at least 5-10 minutes a day on your legs and they’ll be runway worthy in no time! Squats, lunges and leg-lifts are “sure-things” for toning up legs fast! If you hate conventional exercise, a nice hike or up-hill stroll while on your lunch break also have great leg-toning benefits!

Kate Beckinsale working the lunges!

Don’t forget the cardio! Try to get in at least 30 minutes of cardio each day to slim legs, revealing those toned muscles you’ve been working on! Cardio can be fun – just gets your heart pumping! Dancing, cycling, and roller skating are all fun ways to fit in your daily cardio!


3.    A Little Help From the Pros!: Endermologie (also known as LipoMassage or VelaSmooth)  is all the rage in Hollywood for reducing cellulite and getting legs ready for their close-up! A few short visits to an Endermologie specialist can greatly improve the appearance of cellulite, tone skin, move toxins and even reduce fat! YAY!  And it’s not just for the legs! Endermologie works wonders on all areas of the body including the stubborn love handles and tummy!

During an Endermologie session, you put on a sort of body stocking and the technician uses and electronic  hand-held device with rollers and suction to massage your body using a special technique. This is like a super deep massage that not only makes you look smoother but can also be a relaxing treat!  I am a HUGE fan of this treatment – I do it every year to prepare for bikini season!

*For smooth, dimple-free legs and butt, be sure to visit a specialist who has experience with the device for best results. If you’re in the Los Angeles area I HIGHLY recommend Chaffon at New Kingdom Beauty in North Hollywood. She is a genius at Endermologie, has quite the celebrity following, and I personally wouldn’t go anywhere else!  Be sure to tell her Angie O sent you!


Chaffon: 818-703-2430


4.Quick-Fix Tricks!: So, you want to go out TONIGHT and rock the super short mini or you got invited to a pool party and you are sooo not ready!! Don’t worry! There are a number of “quick-fixes” to fake perfection at a moment’s notice!

    • COFFEE GRINDS: A well-known trick amongst models and celebrities – and one of my FAVORITE tightening remedies is to use coffee grinds on your legs! Yep, you heard me! Just take your used coffee grinds from the morning into the shower with you and apply to legs. The grinds provide a nice exfoliation and the caffeine stimulates movement of toxins and sucks out excess water to smooth lumps and bumps leaving you with smooth dimple-free legs! Leave or for a few minutes then rinse. If you have some extra time you can add some cellulite cream to the mix and wrap legs in plastic food wrap for up tohalf an hour(crazy I know – but worth it!)
    • CELLULITE CREAM: Just applying a cellulite cream from the drugstore before exposing your legs gives an instant tightening effect!
    • HAIR SPRAY?!?:  Another quick-fix I LOVE I learned from a girlfriend of mine who competes in pageants (they have all the tricks!) Before taking stage in their swimsuits, pageant girls spray Hair Spray to their backsides and legs to hold everything in place and prevent jiggliness! – It actually works really well -Try it!
    • HYDRATE:  Don’t forget to moisturize beauties! Drink lots of water and always apply lotion after you shower for plumper, silkier skin all over!
    • NUDE COLORED HEELS:   We all know wearing high heels makes the legs look longer and leaner. This Spring invest in skin-toned heels to create the illusion of extra long legs! YUM!


    Ok my beauty junkies, now hike up those skirts a little more and work your hotness!

    Be sure to check back here often as I’ll be back with hot tips to get you ready for bikini season as well as Spring/Summer Beauty trends and must-haves!

    Peace, Love, and Sexiness!

    Angie O

    Looking for a job? Your Appearance Matters!

    By Angie Ohman · May 6, 2012

    You’ve spent years in college and tons of late nights studying for the sole purpose of landing your dream job…only to find out that what really matters is YOUR LOOKS?!

    A recent Newsweek survey polled 202 corporate hiring managers, from human resource employees to senior level VPs about the role of beauty in the workplace. The results: it pays to be good-looking.

    The poll suggests hiring managers care more about how physically attractive a candidate is than where they went to school! WOW! You’d think in the year 2012 we would be past this kind of discrimination, but apparently 64% of hiring managers believe they should be able to hire based on looks!

    Here’s another interesting find from this survey: 61 percent of managers (the majority of them men) said it would be an advantage for a woman to wear clothing showing off her figure at work. Eew! And as if that’s not disturbing enough, the survey also suggests that women are discriminated against if they look too sexy. It’s a fine line! (There are plenty more interesting findings in this poll but I won’t get into them here.)

    So, what can you do to make sure the hottie in the waiting room doesn’t get your dream job? While I don’t agree at all with discrimination in the work place, I do believe it is important to look like you could represent your potential employer in positive way. Perhaps companies want their employees to be a reflection of the company itself. A clean, polished employee might say “we’re professional and organized.” No matter what they’re judging on, don’t give them a reason to overlook your amazing skills. Don’t go overboard with hair and makeup but do look like you made an effort – perhaps that shows you will put effort into your work as well? Do NOT wear red lipstick or extreme color makeup. Go with neutral lips and lightly accented eyes to command their attention while you are talking. Dress professionally and make sure everything is clean and pressed properly.

    Don’t throw your master’s degree out the window just yet! Confidence is key!
    There have been many other polls that have suggested that confidence is attractive! So be confident in your training and experience and it will come across beautifully during your job interview! And when you land that coveted position and make it to the top, I’m sure you’ll hire based on skill and education rather than looks!

    It's All About Adele!

    By Angie Ohman · February 15, 2012

    Holy Hotness!


    As I'm sure you know, the lovely Adele Swept the Grammy's this past Sunday taking home a whopping SIX Grammy Awards! - But she blew away the competition in the beauty department as well, winning her yet another award from us!  We're giving Adele the "Positively Perfect" award for this sexy look!  Head-to-toe, Adele was absolutely, Positively Perfect!

    The red carpet at the Grammy's was filled with the usual outrageous hair, makeup and even costumes we've come to expect from the Music Industry, but even through all the glitz, glam and face nets (Lady Gaga) the brightest star of the night was clearly Adele!

    Taking us back to the Glamorous Old Hollywood days, Adele rocked the red carpet with gorgeous red lips, full brows, big falsies and a new platinum 'do that's to die for!

    Not only does Adele show us that old glamour is definitely hot again, she's also proof that sexy curves will never go out of style!!



    Later in the evening, Adele changed outfits and traded the red for a more neutral lip. Still Perfect!



    1. Deep side part and hot rollers:

    2. LOTS of black liquid liner

    3. False Lashes! ** most important

    4. Red lips! (Try MAC Russian Red - it looks good on everybody!)


    Well, Adele's voice made her a true standout at the Grammy's, but her sexy look and sumptuous curves make her a true beauty icon. Congrats, Adele on sweeping the Grammy's and for winning the "Positively Perfect" award for outstanding beauty!


    Peace, Love, and Sexiness!

    Angie O for Positively Celebrity





    Positively Glamorous Hair!

    By Angie Ohman · November 9, 2011

    Good news, beauties! Old-Hollywood glamour is back in a big way - and it's time to get the look! (Learn how below)

    Veronica Lake

    Summer was all about beachy, messy hair with center parts and faded color – but this fall/winter season is all about beautiful silky-smooth waves, bold color and deep side parts á la Veronica Lake. YUM!! So, it’s time to ditch the “ombré” hair of last season and channel your inner sex goddess.This look is sure to heat up your Winter!

    CAUTION: Extremely sexy hair may cause excessive staring and too many free drinks.

    Many of Hollywood’s hottest starlets have been spotted heating up the red carpets with these sexy retro do’s!  Check out their hotness:

    Ashley Greene looks super sexy with retro waves and glamorous faux lashes!


    Amanada Seyfried is often seen with the side part and loose waves. Clipping hair on one side is very Veronica Lake - love!


    Katy Perry puts her own modern spin on this retro look!


    Kim Kardashian


    The always sexy Megan Fox!


    • After blow drying, part hair deep to one side and clip just above the temple on the fuller side. Spritz in some hairspray at the clip and leave while curling.
    • To get the glam wave, wrap large sections of hair around a medium-sized curling iron, starting in the middle of the strand.
    • Spray in a light-hold hair spray to set the curls. Wait atleast 5 minutes for curls to set (good time to do your makeup!)
    • Now, grab a paddle brush and gently brush through hair from top to bottom
    • To tame frizz at the roots, spray a fine-toothed comb with hairspray and comb through just at the part.and around face.
    • Finish by running a drop or two of silky serum through hair with fingers (try Morroccan oil or Chi for best results) and Voila! You sexy Hollywood Starlet, you!!


    *For the ultimate bombshell look, pair with the sexy cat-eye I showed you last month and natural glossy lips. OR, if you’re really brave try a hot red pout with minimal eyes and strong lashes.

    Now, go strut your sexy stuff gorgeous!

    Peace, Love, and Sexiness!

    Angie O

    Purrrfect for Fall: The Cat Eye is Back!!

    By Angie Ohman · September 7, 2011

    Hello lovelies!

    This fall, the weather may get cooler, but the makeup trends are oh so hot!!

    The fall 2011 Runways were on FIRE with super sexy looks, including the hot red lip, metallic shadows, and my all-time favorite, the Cat Eye!!

    The sexy cat eye is making a come-back in a big way! This fall, make it your own by trying a new twist on this sexy classic. It’s no longer just about a single black line – makeup artists are using smudging techniques, shadows and even color to create a modern sex-kitten look.

    The great thing about today’s cat-eye is you really can’t mess it up. Well, you can, but that’s kind of the point. The new cat is messy, smoky and super sexy, so try it out and make this coming fall hotter than your summer fling!

    Makeup from Lanvin fall 2011 Runway, Paris. This sexy-yet-sweet cat eye was created by makeup artist Pat McGrath.

    According to Allure, for Lanvin’s fall show, superstar makeup artist Pat McGrath used Cover Girl’s Smoky ShadowBlast in Onyx to draw a thick line starting from the center of the lash line and extended it beyond the outer corner of the eyes.

    Rather than bringing it to a sharp point, she squared it off so it looked imperfect, “I wanted it to look like the girls did their own makeup,” she said. Not as defined as your typical cat eye, but just as sexy, and a whole lot easier to do!

    There so many different ways to make the cat-eye your own. Take some inspiration from these hot celebs:

    Angelina Jolie is known her subtle cat-eye. Although the liner is strong, it only extends out slightly past the outer corner. Love it!

    Of course, you can’t think of the cat-eye without Brigitte Bardot!

    Everything about her look is back – from the messy hair to the messy makeup! To get the “Bardot” start with basic eyeliner and extend outward from the upper lid. Keep retracing to make it nice and thick! Then swipe smoky shadow on and above the liner for the ultimate bombshell look! YUM!!

    Taylor Swift ALWAYS has a little cat-eye!

    Eva Mendes – A true modern-day bombshell.

    If you’re too shy for the strong liquid liner Cat, try using only eye shadow to create more natural drama. It can be dark or even colored, just swipe it on like you would eyeliner.

    A solid cat-eye can be tricky, so start by using a dark brown or black pencil and smudging it outward at the outer corners. My favorite pencil for creating a smoky cat is from Victoria’s Secret Beauty (Yes, they actually have a nice line of makeup!) The pencil is very velvety so it goes on like butter, then use the handy smudger on the other end to mess it up – PERFECT.

    VS makeup Eyeliner pencil available in Dark Chocolate, Black Velvet, Slate and others! Only $12!!

    Ok Cats, go grab your eyeliner and channel your inner sex-kitten this fall.

    Peace, Love and Sexiness!

    Angie O

    A Beach Bunny’s Guide to Summer Hair Care.

    By Angie Ohman · July 25, 2011


    Aah Summertime! A time when sun-filled days by the pool or beach mean beautiful glowing skin, sun-kissed highlights and perfectly tousled beach waves! Right?! Um, not quite!

    Unfortunately, the reality is more like sun-damaged skin, wrinkles and fried hair! Yep, we all know the damage sun does to our skin, but few realize the kind of beating your hair takes in the summer. Not only does sun dry out hair and cause color-fading; but throw in chlorine or salt water and you’ve got a hot mess on your hands! But not to worry, if you follow these simple summer hair-care tips, you can still enjoy your sun and have your sexy hair too!

    Here are some basics for keeping your hair healthy and beautiful all summer long!

    1. Step Away from the Hot-tools: Unless you’ve got a hot date or a big business meeting, there’s really no need to heat-style this summer. Using hot tools like curling irons and straighteners, along with spending more time in the sun can severely damage hair and cause split-ends. Instead, go for cute braids, buns and soft air-dried styles. If you must blow-dry, allow hair to air-dry most of the way, and then hit it with the dryer for the last 5-10 minutes to prevent heat damage and use a leave-in first (See #3)
    2. Put Down the Shampoo: More and more research is telling us that shampoo is not as necessary as we used to think. Now, I’m not talking about walking around with a smelly, greasy head – please don’t do that! Just limit the shampoo to 2-3 times a week at most. Massaging with conditioner can keep you clean in between washes and your hair will have the right amount of oil to protect from damage and keep from looking dull! I like: WEN Cleansing Conditioner. It replaces your shampoo, and can be used as a leave-in!
    3. Use Protection!: We all know the importance of using SPF on our skin. – The same rules should apply to your hair! Before going into the sun or using hot-tools (if you must,) be sure to spray in a leave-in conditioner specifically for heat protection. One of my faves, available at almost all drugstores, is TRESemme Instant Heat Tamer Spray. Around $4.
    4. Before you jump in..: Protecting your hair from chlorine and salt-water is also a must! If you get into the water with dry hair, the chlorine penetrates your hair faster, causing dry-outs and can fade your beautiful hair color. So, don’t go in with dry hair! To protect hair, you can use a leave-in, or simply wet hair beforehand with a garden hose. And be sure to rinse again when you get out! Simple, but it makes all the difference!
    5. Fight frizz!: In many places, Summer comes with high humidity and that means big, frizzy hair. Ugh! To fight extra frizz in the summer time, you need a leave-in moisturizing treatment. Think of your hair as a sponge. If it’s not coated with a good moisturizing treatment, the “pores” of your hair are left open to suck up any moisture in the air – which causes the big frizz effect. If you’re prone to frizz, I highly recommend Sally Hershberger’s Hyper Hydration Super Keratin Spray (about $12.)
    6. Getting Deeeep!: Undo damage and maintain a healthy mane by scheduling a deep conditioning treatment at your fave salon once a month. Short on time or cash? (or both?) -Give yourself a weekly moisture boost with at-home treats like Aussie 3-minute miracle! – Definitely one of my all-time faves, can’t-live-withouts! It’s available at most drugstores, is a great price (just a few bucks,) and can easily fit into your routine while showering. Love it!
    7. Give your ends some Love!: Your ends are the most susceptible to damage and breakage -Even if you practice all of the above religiously, you’ll need some backup just for your ends. On top of the leave-in, I suggest adding oil to your ends daily. I recommend using a natural oil, as some “frizz” products give the illusion of hair repair, but actually just add shine so the hair looks healthier. Some of these products can actually give your ends a “crispy” effect over time!UGH! My oil of choice is MoroccanOil, but there are plenty others out there! (Be sure to write me and let me know your faves!)
    8. Put a Lid on it!: Of course, one of the best and easiest ways to protect hair from the sun is to simply cover it up! Be ultra chic at the beach with colorful scarves and sexy hats to protect your hair and your gorgeous face! ("Google" some of your fave celebs with the word "Beach" or tons of inspiration!)


    Ok all my beautiful beach bunnies! Now that you’re armed and protected from the elements, go hit the beach with your hotness!

    Peace, Love, and Sexiness!

    Angie O

    Madonna's "Material Girl" Launches Beauty Collection!

    By Angie Ohman · July 18, 2011


    Hi dolls!

    Exciting beauty news! Madonna and daughter Lourdes (Lola), are adding beauty products to their "Material Girl" Line.

    Material Girl clothing has already seen great success selling at Macys with Kelly Osbourne as their new cover gir,l and now the fashion label - which the singer designs with her 14-year-old daughter Lourdes - will expand to include a range of nail polish, lipgloss, body sprays and lotions in Macy's New York next month with eye-shadows following in September. YUM!



    Although Madonna helps run the brand, it seems daughter Lola has lots of creative input on the beauty line. Of the new beauty collection she says, "It was so much fun getting to pick all of my favorite scents for the Material Girl body products and lip glosses,” said Lourdes.  “The body products have fun names like Wicked Watermelon, Flirty Fruit, Midnight Magnolia and Sinful Sugar. I chose scents that I loved.”

    The Material Girl beauty products will retail from $7 to $12. Body washes, body lotions and body mists will come in six scents, the nail polish in 10 colors, and the lip gloss in 12 variations. Eye palettes will come in two variations, including “Soft & Pretty” and “Smoky and Sexy,” and include four eye shadows, a pencil, a dual-end applicator and mirror.

    Material Girl is sold exclusively at Macys.  www.macys.com/materialgirl

    Can’t wait to try their new beauty products!

    Peace, Love, And Sexiness!

    Angie O


    Beauty without Cruelty: Vegan Cosmetics

    By Angie Ohman · June 15, 2011

    Hello dolls!

    I KNOW all my readers are beautiful inside and out, so today I wanted to share with you these wonderful companies offering VEGAN cosmetics. Your morning grooming or beauty routine is the perfect time to let your inner beauty shine-by stocking your shower, medicine cabinet, and makeup kit with personal care products that are kind to animals. Now that’s Beauty!

    When choosing cosmetics, so many things come into play: Does it match my skin tone, will my hair be softer, etc, etc. – but how often do we ask what’s in the products? Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or none of the above, you could benefit from Vegan cosmetics. Many dermatologists and allergists say that common skin complaints such as dermatitis can be cured by switching to animal-free, more natural products and also avoiding chemicals and additives.

    There are so many cosmetic companies to choose from now, so why not choose cruelty-free products? If you do your research, you’ll find there are TONS of Vegan cosmetics out there. Here are some of my faves to get you started! 

    TARTE COSMETICS has vegan and cruelty free products certified by PETA–and they have a customer recycling program - Good Karma!


    ReCreate Natural Anti-aging foundation

    with Wrinkle Rewind technology SPF 15


    4 Day Stay: Lash Stain with Polyflex technology:

    Keep lashes looking naturally full for 4 days without reapplying!


     FRxtion Natural sugar exfoliator & Lip Blam Duo


    Tarte has a huge celebrity following. These starlets know that cruelty-free is beautiful!


    Kristen Bell, Rachel Bilson, Julianne Moore, Blake Lively, Katherine Heigl, and tons more are fans of Tarte! http://tartecosmetics.com/tarte-shop-vegan-cosmetics


    *Vegan skin care and cosmetics are not just beauty products that are not tested on animals, they are also products made without animal or animal by-product ingredients.

    Another GREAT Company I found online is called Living Earth Beauty. Living Earth Beauty has yummy vegan skin and haircare – including serums, toners, moisturizers, anti-aging, masks, shampoos, conditioners and much more! They also provide great information of how vegan products can enhance your skin and your life!

    Living Earth Beauty lists EVERY ingredient in the product on the label!



    More cosmetic companies offering cruelty-free products:


    PETA provides complete lists of companies that do and do-not test on animals in their beauty section, as well as great DIY tips, animal ingredients lists, and lots more info to get you on your way to looking beautiful inside and out!

    Check out their Beauty and Personal care site at: http://www.peta.org/living/beauty-and-personal-care/default.aspx


    Ok all my loving beauties, I hope you’ll consider trying vegan cosmetics if you haven’t already.

     Stay tuned for more karmic beauty… I’ll be back soon to give you the scoop on eco-friendly cosmetics!

    Peace, Love, and Sexiness!

    Angie O

    Fast Fun and Fabulous Hair Ideas for Hitting the Beach

    By Angie Ohman · June 1, 2011

    Hey dolls,

    Summer is finally upon us and it’s time to hit the beach! (or pool or lake)

    Obviously, this is not the time to pull out your flat and curling irons! Summer is all about sexy casual, cool. But, chlorine, salt water and humidity can cause frizz and tangles, leaving you feeling not-so-hot! So, I've pulled together some yummy celeb-inspired tricks to get your hair beach-sexy with little effort no matter where your Summer destination!



    Fun with Braids:

    Braids are SO hot this summer! There are so many fun, easy ways to make braids part of your Summer look. Take some inspiration from these starlets or play around to create your own signature look.

    Rachel Bilson is super cute with small braids pulled away from her face. I LOVE this look.

    Selena Gomez sports the super popular side braid. (The single braid also looks great in the back!)

    Leighton Meester gets creative with this gorgeous braid pulled to one side!

    A cute braid is the perfect compliment to a simple bun.


    Sexy Scarves:

    If your hair blows up in humidity, scarves are the PERFECT accessory for you! Pull out your favorite scarf or shop for something new and wrap in up!

    When doesn't Eva Mendez look amazing?! Here she used a scarf with a simple high bun.

    Nicole Richie goes Hippie Chic with this colorful scarf.

    Tie a scarf in front with a bow to create this super girly look like Rhianna. - looks great with hair up or down!

    Jennifer Lopez pulls it all back into this fabulous scarf! LOVE

    You can always twist your scarf in front for this fabulous turban look worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex in the City!

    Totally Easy Tie-backs!

    Use a simple hair-tie or clip to easily pull hair out of face. High buns, pigtails, pony tails and one-side-pulled-back looks are tres chic!

    Victoria's Secret super model and Transformer's star Rosie Huntington rocks the pigtails.

    A high bun like Hilary Duff is wearing is always a good call and looks good on everyone!

    Reality star Audrina Patridge ties back one side and uses a flower as the perfect accessory.

    Hot for Hats:

    For a super low-maintenance do, just cover it up! These gals show us that hats are super hot and make the perfect accessory for the beach! -Not to mention they protect your delicate face from the sun! YUM!

    Cowboy hats always look good with a bikini, as demostrated by Rachel Bilson.

    Jessica Alba looks super cool in this beach fedora with a bun.

    Hayden Panettiere shows how even a sporty ballcap can look hot with a bikini!

    Ok my little beach bunnies. Take these celeb-inspired looks and hit the beach with your hotness! Xo

    Peace, Love and Sexiness!

    Angie O

    Getting it Straight!

    By Angie Ohman · May 16, 2011

    Hello Lovelies!

    Today I’m going to tell you a story:

    Once upon a time, I had curly hair. No, not beautiful flowing waves, not even Sarah Jessica Parker spirals.. I had extremely poofy, tight spirals and FRIZZ that would literally grow bigger in humid weather. This was the hair I was born with. My head looked like a lion’s mane – big blonde and out of control. You could see me and my hair coming from a block away. It was a big, crazy, hot mess!


    This is me with my curls! :-)

    Now don't get me wrong, I LOVED being different!  And, if I grew up in the 80s, it probably would’ve been very cool - but unfortunately for me, having big curly hair during high school was a major beauty faux-pas. (Atleast in my head it was!)  While the other girls in school had beautiful silky locks that they could throw into a ponytail and put up in hot rollers, my only option was to control frizz with a giant glob of mousse and try to rock the “lion’s mane” look.

    *Although my curls were awesome at times, I only had one option for styling my hair - and every girl wants to be able to play around with different styles, right?!

    After moving to Los Angeles, I realized that great hairstylists could change my look - atleast for a day. So I spent most of my hard-earned cash getting blow-outs once a week and steering clear of swimming pools and rain. I loved having straight hair! I could finally run my fingers through it and curl it. But, eventually the damage of blow-outs and flat ironing on top of coloring started making my hair problems worse. My once, long healthy (although curly) hair was suffering from damage and breakage from all the heat-styling. I had to find a permanent solution!

    Then one day, I heard about a straightening process that claimed to straighten your hair permanently. Yes PERMANENTLY!! Like plastic surgery for your hair!

    Japanese straightening, -also known as iStraight, Magic Straight and others - are all a thermal reconditioning treatment that sort of changes the hair’s DNA from big and frizzy to silky straight YUM! – I HAD to have it!

    So I started to do my research. If I’m going to change my hair forever I better read all the pros and cons. (you should always do research before doing anything so drastic.) I scoured message boards and websites to find out all I could.. Turns out, Japanese straightening isn’t for everyone. It can be a long, pricey, and Scary process if you don’t have the right stylist. And, if you have bleached or damaged hair (I had both) it’s especially dangerous for your hair. So, finding the right stylist for the job is the #1 priority! I can’t stress this enough. (If you were having surgery, you’d want the best surgeon right?!)

    So, I decided to have some “test-strands” done to see if my hair could handle it.

    After visiting expensive salons in Beverly Hills -and actually having some of my hair break off– I decided to hit the internet again for recommendations. That’s when I found Robin Lee! Her name kept coming up in blogs and message boards about straightening with rave reviews. The Queen of Straightening! I had to meet her!

    When I met with Robin at Kim Sun Young Salon in Koreatown she was very informative. It’s obvious she knows what she’s talking about. But, she is also very straight forward. This is so great because if you’re hair can’t handle the process, she won’t do it –much better than damaging your hair just to make some money! She also uses various strengths of solution, depending on the condition of your hair for those of us with highlights.

    Of course, I ended up doing the straightening with Robin Lee and my life is forever changed! I now have silky hair I can run my fingers through and style however I like! I can literally air-dry my hair if I want, but if I choose, I can also get it as curly as before! LOVE it!

    Straight, silky and still holds curl!

    Besides the benefit of easy styling, my hair is now sooo much healthier and grows quickly – it’s really long now! I just go in about every 4-6 months to get my roots straightened and I can skip the damaging flat irons for good!

    *If you’re in or near Los Angeles, I HIGHLY recommend you go to Robin Lee at Kim Sun Young Salon in Koreatown. In fact, this is such a specialty process I recommend flying in from wherever you live to go to Robin if you decide to do it.

    I’m really happy with my decision. It was definitely a transformation.  My new friends in L.A. don’t believe me when I tell them how curly my hair used to be. If the big hair from the eighties makes a comeback, I may wish my old hair were back, but until then, I couldn’t be happier!

    So, the moral of the story is: Japanese straightening is not for everyone. It's a big decision, you need the right person to do the job, but well worth the time and money if you’re miserable with problem hair.

    And finally, I say don’t do it if your hair is just wavy and somewhat easy to manage or you're rocking those super tight curls. The only way to get back your waves or curls would be to get a perm or wait until all your roots grow out!

    Ok dolls, hope you enjoyed the story and learned some things along the way. Here’s how you can get in touch with Robin Lee: (She’s also a great stylist and colorist!)


    Kim Sun Young Salon

    306 North Western Avenue
    Los Angeles, CA 90004
    (323) 462-4247

    Check back often for all my beauty tips, tricks, and stories!

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    Peace, Love, and Sexiness!

    Angie O